Senotwan 1963 - 2016

Now a 1-2-5-climb! Trad climbers wanted - alive! 8 October 

While climbing at 'The Prow" north of Hanglip in December 1963 a few Explo members were excited to see to the north-west an isolated cone-shaped koppie with a very interesting looking solid central rock column of about 70 to over 100 m on top, and rock faces all around. They somehow found their way there the same evening, and next day climbed a route to the top. The owner of the property said the koppie was called "Senotwan" but also let it slip out that some call it "Pramkoppie". The climbers were very keen to explore more routes, and in February 1964 did two more very interesting routes to the top (2-3 pitch and E-F sup grading). Then they all graduated and went their separate ways with fond memories, but lost track of the exact whereabouts and route to the koppie. 

It sounded like a wonderful idea to register Senotwan as a 1-2-5-climb peak. By sheer chance and good luck it was re-located just then. This prompted an enthusiastic revisit by three of the original climbers and new friends, with a wish to make the place known to trad climbers, and romantic dreams to possibly re-climb it after over 50 years (during which probably nobody has made an ascent). Last week we eventually got permission for a group to camp under huge trees and use the old farm house over the weekend of 7-9 October. The property is now a game farm.

So - who is coming with us?? We need some young - and old - trad climbers to re-climb an old route or open new ones! One of the old climbs has near the top a magical bottomless chimney outwards. The route descriptions were published in an Explo booklet: Exploratio 1959 - 1964. Let us know if you want to have a look at the scanned pages about the place and details of the climbs done..]

We plan to depart on Friday after lunch, set up camp and climb on the Saturday. We have been invited to spend Sundayat the river on Maricke's family farm 'Klipkuile' just down the road, which is a fascinating place on its own and a swim would be really good!