Northern Tibesti – seeing the sun rise on the highest peaks in Libya and Chad

Club Evening - 4 August

Karen’s lifelong ambition is to summit the highest peak in each of the 54 African countries. She recently travelled 3,615 km through the Sahara Desert, one of the harshest environments where water is always scarce in support of her dream.  This trip to the Tibesti mountains in both Chad and Libya took six weeks and culminated in her being the first woman to summit the highest mountains in these remote mountains.

The highest mountain in Libya, Bikku Bitti, is in one of the most remote, least accessible and least known parts of the Sahara Desert.  This region was selected by NASA as the earthly region most similar to conditions on Mars.  The area is unfit for human habitation and there are periods of up to 20 to 30 years with no rainfall.  There is no permanent human habitation, no roads and no tracks – just the great open void.  The closest water was sometimes over 800 km away.

The two mountains visited can easily be classified as some of the most difficult mountains to reach in Africa and she encountered several minefields, unexploded weaponry, snakes and scorpions on her way to the mountains.  Karen will give feedback on this epic adventure and will highlight the environment, people, and challenges faced along the way.

venture and will highlight the environment, people, and challenges faced along  the way.