Members' Stories

1-2-5- Climb! Table Mountain Back Table

A lovely long hike at TM's Back Table, instead of 3 Peaks in Cape Point

The weather on Thursday 6 October was really bad at Cape Point, where the Meet was scheduled to take place. Teresa decided to take her small group of 7 mountaineers along a more propitious route. At 8h00 am, as the rain subsided, all gathered at Cecilia Car Park, and walked up to the Countour Path, then climbed Nursery Ravine. Tea was taken under the shelter of the remaining trees planted at Nursery Valley at the end of 1800s. The group walked around Hely-Hutchinson Dam and then climbed up , along the paths around St. Michael and Waaikoppie. They then turned south onto Smuts Track and descended along Cecilia Ridge. The prevailing mist made for a cold day, nonetheless very pleasant, as is always the case on Table Mountain.

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