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1-2-5 Climb! Sterkhorn via all three summits

3 friends of the KZN Section of the MCSA summited Sterkhorn via all three summits in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the MCSA.

After overnighting at the Monk’s Cowl campsite on Friday night, the party set off at first light in misty conditions.  After a few hours hiking the party split into three groups just below the North summit where three climbers geared up for technical climb on the main (south Summit), two climbers attempted the technical middle summit and the remaining three members and the 3 guests summited the North summit via the scrambling route.

The South summit climb took much longer than expected and this group was the last to leave the peak for the long trek back to camp, arriving at just after 6pm.

A few welcome beers and a braai was had to celebrate.

Climbers on South Summit: Carl Dreyer, Mark McTaggart, Tor Age Schunemann

Climbers on the middle Summit: Dave Drummond, Kim Westbrook.

Hikers on the North Summit: Murray Sanders, Scott Sinclair, Trent Burnett, Roger Mantle, Hamzah Khan and Othello.

-        Carl Dreyer

South Summit by Tor Age Sunemann

Dave Drummond on Middle summit by Trent Burnett

Roger Mantle, Scott Sinclair, Trent Burnett, by Trent Burnett.

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