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1-2-5 Climb! - Korea

By Piet Muis

I arrived in Korea about a month ago to teach English. Although Korea has a population density about 20 times higher than South Africa 60-70% of the country is covered with indigenous forests. Korea has high rainfall and gets some monsoon and typhoon weather so it is prone to landslides and erosion. To prevent this none of the mountainous areas have been developed for agriculture. 

The highest point is about 1900m and I would say 10% is really mountainous and 60% is hilly. So even though this hill is only 260m high it counts for a mountain in Korea. It lies next to Sejong city where I live and is about 50km west of the exact centre of South Korea. 

It took me just over an hour as I actually made a run of it. I only had to walk the last few meters. Hiking is also called an unofficial past time of Korea and as a result paths are very well maintained. Almost to well, takes away a bit of that feeling of being in nature or the wilderness that many of us mountain lovers look for. 

That said it is beautiful and if one travels around a bit there are mountains with much c

more challenging hikes, many rock climbing routes and even beautiful ice climbing possibilities.