Name of venue

Chosspile, Hartbeespoort Dam - MCSA members only

Information courtesy of Chris de Beer

Brief summary of venue

Chosspile is a sport climbing area above the Hartbeespoort Dam, within an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.  It comprises of 3 climbing sectors with grades ranging between 11 and 32.  For beginners / children the Harry Potter sector (about 30 routes) is most suitable, while strong climbers will enjoy Lord of the Rings with its hard lines and futuristic projects.

Permit/ permission info

Due to past safety issues, as of mid 2011 the following access arrangements were negotiated by the MCSA with Mount Amanzi, which has legal control of the land:

Only recognised climbing club members (MCSA, SANCF, or University) who have an up-to-date membership card, with a photo, are allowed to climb at the Chosspile. 

Each club member is allowed a single guest.

Members and guests first report to Mount Amanzi’s reception (same side of the road, but across the river from the Chosspile) where they sign an indemnity and pay R30 per person.  Climbers are then given a wrist band for the day, which identifies them to guards both at the parking area and the crags.

Although guards are paid R5 per guest, please feel free to supplement their earnings.

Note: Yearly passes are available.

Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg

About an hour.

Parking information

After signing an indemnity form, Mount Amanzi will radio one of the guards to open the gate and let you into the new parking area directly underneath the Harry Potter crag.  If a guard is not present when you want to leave you’ll have to call reception at Mount Amanzi and they’ll send someone over to open the locked gate.  Future plans are to have climbers park on Mount Amanzi’s property and pull themselves across the river on a floating platform.

Info on walk in

Walk ins are short but steep and range from about 15 minutes (Harry Potter) to 30 minutes (Wall of Aglarond and Lord of the Rings).


Due to its proximity to Johannesburg, the Chosspile is ideal for a day’s outing.  However, accommodation is available at Mount

Availability of water for drinking

None at the crags.  Conditions in summer, especially during the hike-ins can get humid and extremely hot in the afternoon.  Make sure that you have enough water either from home or stock up at Mount Amanzi.

Climbing route guide

Climbing information

Routes at Chosspile are fully bolted and range in grade from 11 – 32, with a couple of projects which will be among the hardest in SA once opened.  The height range of the routes is between 12 to 30 metres, so a 60 metre rope is sufficient.  The Harry Potter area has the highest concentration of easier routes while Lord of the Rings is most suitable for experienced strong climbers.

Child friendly

Yes, if the child is fit and 0ver 10 years old.


Members wishing to make use of the excellent swimming and additional facilities at Mount Amanzi can do so at a cost of R50 per day.  Enquire at Mount Amanzi’s reception.

Camp fires

No fires are permitted at the crags.


There were muggings in the past, but since the new permit control system there have been no incidents.


Mount Amanzi, Tel: 012 381 5400,

Neil Margetts, who’s negotiated access to Chosspile on behalf of the MCSA, Cell: 083 669 3028.