Wellington Dome

Name of venue

Wellington Dome, Limpopo Province

Information courtesy of Neil Margetts

Brief summary of venue

Wellington Dome is a winter sport climbing venue on a farm about 100 kilometres South of Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg) near Mokopane (formerly Potgietersrus). As its name suggests, climbing is on granite outcrop domes up long faces (some reaching 150 metres), usually slightly on angle. Crime has been a problem in the past, so visits have been restricted to once a year when the MCSA Johannesburg and Magalies Sections hold a joint meet.

Permit/ permission info

Contact the farmer, Jaap Möller to make bookings.

Approximate travelling time from Johannesburg

Three hours.

Parking information

Park at the base of the climbing area. Make sure you get a car guard from Jaap, as crime can be a problem.

Info on walk in

Relatively short walk-ins.


Camping is on the lawn outside the lapa on Jaap’s farm. The camping has ablutions as well as a fridge and stove. Camping MUST be arranged beforehand. Sleeping in the lapa is also an option.

Availability of water for drinking

From Jaap’s farm.

Climbing route guide

Neil Margetts has developed a guide, see:www.climb.co.za/wiki/index.php/Wellingtons_Dome

Climbing information

There are three main climbing areas, with a range of single and multi pitch routes:

  • Goat Face: Three climbs of three pitches each, grades 16, 20 and 21.
  • Main Dome:   Features almost twenty climbs, ranging from grade 13 to 26, many of which are 4 to 6 pitches long.
  • Sarcophagus: Where most of the single and two pitch climbs can be found, ranging from grade 15 to 21.

To climb at Wellington’s Dome you need up to 18 quickdraws and a rope of 50 metres or longer, though some of the climbs have 40 metre or longer pitches so escape with one rope could be difficult.

Most descents are by abseiling down.

Lunch spots

Plenty of options available.

Child friendly



Jaap has a pool.

Camp fires

There is always a braai at Jaap’s place.


Theft from cars parked at the base of climbing areas has been a problem. As a result visits have been restricted to once a year when the MCSA Johannesburg and Magalies Sections hold a joint meet.


Farm owner, Jaap Möller, Cell: 072 425 0349 for bookings and to arrange camping.