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MSP access arrangements terminated

Dear Members,

We regrettably have to inform you that the MCSA’s access through the Mountain Sanctuary Park office and their rest-camp has been terminated from 29th March 2016. This means that MCSA members will be treated as normal guests and have to pay the full day visitor entry fee. (R100/pp + R35/car on entrance) As a limited number of people are permitted entry per day, pre-bookings are essential.

Why has the entry agreement been terminated? Unfortunately the poor behaviour of a few members and disregard for MSP rules has precipitated this event. (A summary is provided below) Following another incident on the evening of 19th March the owners made a decision to terminate the longstanding agreement we have with them.

MCSA entry into many areas has been won through many years of hard work and mutual respect. We urge all members and their guests to show respect towards landowners, as well as their staff, and not get into arguments. Rather bring these issues to the committee who can then follow a diplomatic process to hopefully resolve such matters. Any brash action on your part could potentially jeopardise access for the rest of us.

The Land & Access Committee is working hard to re-establish MCSA access, but this may take some time, the outcome of which we cannot pre-empt. Our legal access through Utopia is also being updated and we will notify members when this is finalised. The kloofs in this area can of course still be accessed through the servitude on the southern side of the mountain as well from Calabash from the north. There are strict rules and agreements pertaining to these – please make yourself fully aware of these before utilising.

Johannesburg & Magaliesberg MCSA Committees


Reasons behind the deterioration in our relationship with MSP

  • Arriving with outdated MCSA stickers. Your MCSA card, with the latest sticker indicating that you have paid your membership fees is your passport to access Club properties and other benefits. You always have to carry this with you and present it when requested to. On a number of occasions MCSA members have arrived at MSP without the latest sticker and then elect to argue with their staff.
  • The view is that some MCSA members are rude and perceive themselves more important than others. Upon arrival at the MSP office, these members push past other guests, sign the MCSA register and then just quickly pass their money over to whoever is at reception, without consideration as to whether they are busy.
  • Leaving late when the MSP front gate is locked, i.e., after 18h30 in summer and 17h30 in winter.
  • Arriving after the office has closed (generally around 17h00). Members then enter the rest camp without paying the parking fee or entering their details in the MCSA office register.
  • Hiking to MCSA land after hours. For security and safety reasons, MSP forbids their guests from hiking out at night. It thus undermines these rules we arrive after dark (after the office has closed ....) and then head out with headlights on for all to see.
  • Poor driving. Speeding on the rest camp roads and heading up the one-way. Members often resort to the latter when the boom at the office has been lowered.
  • MSP emphasise the Sanctuary aspect of their name and attract visitors who appreciate this. Loud music, respect for nature and other guests is therefore promoted. Recently a member ignored this rules and then elected to argue with MSP who raised these issues with him.
  • Parking. We should park outside in the parking lot – other locations, such as the area in front on the ablution block, are not permissible. 
  • Our parking fee allows us to park on MSP property and hike across to Cedarberg. What is found is that some members hike on MSP property, use the swimming pool or the showers upon returning from a day out. If we wish to use these facilities we are requested to pay the full entry fee.