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Parking at Calabash

For members who are not aware, the MCSA has three main access routes to Tonquani / Cedarberg / Boulderkloof from the north.  These are listed below. 

(i) Calabash. East of Mountain Sanctuary Park (MSP).  A 5km walk takes you to Upper Tonquani. 
(ii) MSP
(iii) Utopia. Requires the use to a token that needs to be activated. 

There is also the access route, for members only, from the south. If you require any further information on this please contact Neil Grimmer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / 083 218 7233

For security reasons the gate at Calabash (the Junod’s farm) is locked.  A combination lock has been attached to link in with the lock in place and the intention is to change the code on a quarterly basis.  Please obtain the code from either Neil Grimmer, Roland before heading out.  The Junod's have also requested that we inform them when using their farm - if you could notify the Club Administrator before heading out, we will relay this notification.  Please remember to also pay R30/car parking fee to the Club Administrator.  This money is forwarded to the Junod’s, which goes towards security.