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Members' chance to contribute to conservation

Reuben is currently busy developing a field guide to "Trees of the Magaliesberg" for the MCSA Magaliesberg Section through the Richard Watmough Fund. 

He is taking photos of trees for the book, but would also like to give the opportunity to other MCSA members to take part, even if they have little or no botanical knowledge. 
Members can send me photos of entire trees, leaves, bark, flower and fruits or he can make a Dropbox folder available to them. Photos of entire trees (their form) and flowers will be particularly appreciated. 
·  Use geotagging (recording the GPS position of the photo), if possible. Most smartphone cameras enable geotagging. Or use a GPS, if you have one.  
·  Describe the area where you found it (e.g. "Upper Tonquani", "Path to Grootkloof from Sparkling Waters Hotel", etc.)
·  If you have an inkling what it is (even common name), let me know. If I can identify it, I will reply with an identification. 
·  Multiple photos of the same subject will help (i.e. a photo of bark will be easier identifiable if it is accompanied by a photo of the leaves or flowers from the same tree).
·  Anything that looks unique / out of the ordinary will be appreciated.
·  Even if you you can't manage the above, please still send in photos. When I go to the field myself I will check it out, if possible. 

The best photos (with credits of course) may be included in the book, which is planned for publication in the 1st quarter of 2016. 
Contact  Reuben  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.