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Magaliesberg Biosfeer goedgekeur

Danksy mense soos Paul Fatti, Vinent Carruthers en Kevin Gill se baie harde werk.

Release by the Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group - “Fantastic news!!!!! After nearly a decade of lobbying and sustained efforts by a small committee of dedicated environmentalists, the Magaliesberg has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve. The announcement was made today (9 June) in Paris by the International Coordinating Council of the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB). This is a Unesco programme that aims to build a supportive and sustainable relationship between people and their environments. In effect, this means a specific focus on safeguarding natural ecosystems through innovative approaches to economic development.

The World Network of Biosphere Reserves, which Magaliesberg now joins, counts 631 biosphere reserves in 119 countries”.